Delirium Wildfire (joomusjitterbox) wrote,
Delirium Wildfire

Dear Great Big Expanse of Internet,


My one long public entry in the recent days (you know, that fiction story) has shown up on multiple searches, including, but not limited to: Arts and Entertainment, Entertainment Magazines, Adult Entertainment Jobs....

That's it, you freakin' weirdos.. or whoever is trying to submit my journal for commercial gain. From now on, the public entries are gonna be even shorter... or something. It's like... forget copyright protection on the net... yesh. Or I'll have to write in my copyrights, rather.

I also found my name on somebody's poetry fridge. Someone with whom I had a controversial dialogue (highlighting the nutritional downfalls of veganism). Hahaha. He probably spelled out obscene messages with my name. All right, I'm outta here.

Making this mostly Friends Only was the best thing I've done in a long time. Ohhh yes.
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