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Dear Friends,

I just saw this documentary movie, Wal Mart: The High Cost of Low
Price. If half the claims in this film are true I will never buy from Wal
Mart again (and I believe that at least half of this is true), and if
they ever decide to open a store in my community I would campaign to
protect the small businesses from this global corporation that has puts
profit over people. The good news is hundreds of local movements have
been successful in keeping the mega store out of their town after seeing
what it has done to others.

The allegations that stand out in my mind hours after watching the
film are 1) Wal Mart encourages it's low-income employees to use
tax-payer funded programs to receive bear-needs healthcare because they are too
cheap to provide proper health insurance 2) Small family owned
businesses cannot compete and fold as consumers flock to the cheapest prices 3)
The employee doesn't count (and in many cases treated as less than
human), he/she is easily replaced with the next person trying to make ends
meat to feed a family.

What happened to company ethics? We as consumers have the power to
choose where we spend our money. I'm now committed to being a
community-shopper, rather than a price-shopper. That means to me supporting local
businesses as much as I can (also check out

I'm anxious to continue, but that would turn into an extremely long
email, and I want you to see the movie. I rented it from Elephant
Pharmacy in Berkeley. There's also screenings of the movie at various
locations around our country (check Or support the film
makers by purchasing it. Whatever it takes to get your hands on this
film is well worth the awareness it provides.

If you’re a fan of film critics, "Ebert and Roeper" gave it "Two
Thumbs Up".

Check out the official movie website:


Please pass this forward to the people in your community whom you
care about. People who shop at Wal Mart are good people. It's simply the
matter of information and awareness. What we don't know can hurt us, our
local economy, and the people who are treated as sub-human at home and
abroad to produce low prices.

Take action! Contact your rep and senators! It's
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