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joomusjitterbox's Journal

From Reality to Confusion...

Delirium Wildfire
21 August
I have too many journals, and I didn't feel like switching my soul onto another one again. It's happened too many times. There are little bits of me smeared across the internet. Plus, this journal feels like it should at least be different than all my other ones......

A lot of the interests I have listed aren't necessarily interests anymore, but I'm just copying and pasting from my old journal.
absurdity, accents, acting, activism, acupressure, aliens, alternative medicine, ambidexterity, anthropology, anti-television, art, art tools, audrye sessions, auras, ballerinas, barbara brennan, berkeley, billy corgan, bisexuality, black people, body painting, calligraphy, camping, candles, circus, clay, clouds, colors, concerts, consciousness expansion, cooking, cool buildings, costumes, courtney love, creativity, d'arcy, dancing, dawn, daydreaming, donnie darko, drawing comics, dreams, dress up, drum corps, drums, dudes, eckankar, empathy, energy, environmental protection, exploration, expression, eyes, faeries, fashion design, feminism, flying, fools, freedom, fruit, gender fluidity, gypsies, hands, handwriting, health food, herbs, hippies, hole, hugs, hunger, hypnosis, idiosyncracies, indigenous peoples, indigo children, insane people, insanity, invisible friends, jazz, jimmy chamberlin, journeys, kissing, languages, love, makeup artistry, mallets, meadows, mental illness, mermaids, monkeys, mud, music, nature, nirvana, nudism, nutrition, odd noises, organic farming, other people, outdoors, peace, percussion, philosophy, photography, pixies, playing guitar, psychology, quizzes, radiohead, rainbows, recycling, renaissance, ritualism, running, san francisco, satire, schizophrenia, singing, smashing pumpkins, soup, spirits, spirituality, stars, symbolism, symbols, tap, the earth, tori amos, tranquility, transgender, trees, truth, unicorns, vampires, veganism, wanderlust, werewolves, winged creatures, wings, women's topfreedom, writing, you, your mom, zwan